This work, coordinated by N. Forray (DIREN Bourgogne) was made possible by the participation if the following:

JC AUER (A.E. Rhin Meuse) - J.F. Brochot (DIREN Rhone Alpes) Y Eraud ( A.E. Seine Normandie) A. Favriau (DIREN Centre) 
M. Ghio (DIREN Centre) C. Lallement (EDF-DTG) M. Lang (CEMAGREF) M. Odier (Environment Ministry) C. Scherer (Environment Ministry)

And contributions from:

D. Denninger (DIREN Bourgogne) R. Georges (DIREN Basse Normandie) M. Rieux (DIREN Centre) THEBE (ORSTOM) 

Illustrations: M. Devos M. Poinsot 

Layout: M. Poinsot

Thank you

English version : Mr. Dennis CHICK
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