Climatic Conditions of Metkovic Area

Metkovic is situated in the Neretva river valley. The nearest climatological station is located in Opuzen about 6 km downriver.

The climate of this area is under the direct influence of the Mediterranean sea, which can be observed far away into the river valley. The warming sea influence during the cold part of the year reflects in the mean winter temperature which is 7.4 øC, as well as warmer autumn (16.5 øC) than spring (14.7 øC).

The summer is the warmest part of the year with mean temperature of 24.2 øC. During the last 14 years the absolute maximum temperature was 39.8 øC, and the absolute minimum temperature was -9.5 øC

The prevailing winds are from the SE and E directions (about 50%) usually blowing with strenght of 3 Beaufort.

Air Temperature and Relative Humidity
in Opuzen near Metkovic

During the year this area receives on average 1200 mm of precipitation, about 67% of this amount falls in the period October to March. Only 26% of the days are rainy, 39% of them (37 days) with the daily amounts > 10.0 mm. Mean monthly relative humidity varies from 60% in July to 75% in October.

Monthly Amounts and Maximum Daily Amounts
in Opuzen near Metkovic

Hydrological characteristic of river Neretva at Metkovic