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State Secretary of Waters and Coasts

General Direction of Hydraulic Works

and Quality of Waters


Adress :

Plaza San Juan de la Cruz,
28071 Madrid (SPAIN).
Tel: (34-1) 5977617.
Fax: (34-1) 5978551.
E-Mail: moptma06@sarenet.es

Governmental Administration :

Under the supervision of the State Secretary of Waters and Coasts, the General Direction of Hydraulic Works and Quality of the Waters exercises, in the area of the competitions of the State, the following functions :

The Aims :

Development and operational services of public, national and international interest dedicated to the hydraulic and hydrological protection of life and goods. The main fields of economic and social life interested in hydraulic and hydrological activities :

Organization :

Spain is divided into 10 Hydrographic Basins since 1928.

These 10 Basins are managed by :

Autonomous stations that could be monitored so that any user or a specialist could interrogate from any distance were choosen. Of course, specialists have special access code that let them check, load, store and process the data.

For the acquisition, three choices were at their disposal: radio, telephone or satellite.

Periodical Hydrological Publications :

The Water Resources Service receives the data that are originated in the Hydrographic Basins, the National Meteorology Institute and Electrical Net of Spain, and accomplishes the technical treatment of the information for its presentation as support of hydraulic management decisions that they should be taken at domestic level, with its technical, economic and social implications.