Presentation from Israel - Mr SCHUMACHER

General presentation of the Hydrological Service
It is divided in 4 departments which are :

The hydrological service functions are The department of hydrometry is the largest one. It works in 4 main areas (South, Center, Haifa and the North and the Tiberias area).
The measurements are performed during the rainy season in winter. In the Tiberias area measurements are possible all over the year on two rivers. In all the country both the water quality and the water level are monitored.
A technical group is in charge of the installation and the maintainance of the stations (measuring devices).
The information department is responsible for collection, analysis and storage of data in a special data bank.
The department of hydrology also conducts studies as a consultant for water policy.

In Israel there is a company which provides water for agricultural, industrial and private uses. Nowaday its main objective is to increase this amount of purified water for agricultural uses. In the future Israel plans to desalt the sea water.
In the near future they will have to increase their amount of purified water because they register a serious lack of other water resources.

In Israel, 50 people are working in the hydrometeorological service and 25 in the hydrometric department. The hydrological services are supported by public fundings.

There is no automatic station In Israel, but 10 stations are equipped with Neyrpic system recorders and 40 stations with water level recorders.

Recently a telemetrical project has been planned but until now funds are missing.
The transmission of data is made in real time with radio links.