Presentation from Jordan - Mr AL NSOUR

General presentation :

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation is the body responsible for the water sector in Jordan.
The Ministry of Water and Irrigation consist on two authorities :

The Directorate of Water Ressources studies is one of the five administrations. This Directorate has 6 sections. Mr Al Nsour works in the surface water section wich is divided into 3 sectors :

The hydrological network consists of

The department of Meteorology related to the Ministry of Transport has 35 meteorological stations which provide the weather forecast. The data are 1 hour, 3 hours and daily registered.

Jordan has 15 surface water basins. 33 stations are installed on these 15 basins. 25 of them are secondary gauging stations which measure water level by using limnographs, and 8 main stations which measure water level and velocity.

There are 160 spring spot measurements points which are measured on a monthly basis whereas 260 spring spots measurements are measured every 3 months and 500 are measured once annually.

Jordan is divided into 4 districts according to topography :

The distribution of rainfall is as follows : The mean annual volume of rainfall is 8650 MCM : average annual evaporation is 90%, infiltration 6%, surface water run off 4%

Most of the water for irrigation in Ghor district comes from the Yarmouk river.

There is a peace agreement of sharing surface water between Jordan and Israel concerning Yarmouk and Jordan rivers.

Jordan suffers of water shortages and has a great need of potable water for drinking and other uses.