Presentation from MOROCCO Mr Ben Bouziane

General presentation

Hydrology is led in a structure made of 2 main directions : one for the building of dams and one for research and planification of water. There is also a temporary direction for the dam of Alwahda, a legislative division of waters, a division of the administrative affairs and training, a division of programmes and finances, 7 divisions for the regional direction of public works, 41 divisions for the provincial direction of public works.

Structure de la Direction Générale de l'Hydraulique

The direction for research and water planification is made of :

General presentation of hydrologic service

The network works mainly with a radio network.
They manage primary stations (they are distributed per basin).These primary stations transmit the data to the regional division which transmit them to the general direction where the data are loaded in a big computer system.
They manage 241 main stations, among which 141 are equipped with transmitter/receiver.

Organigramme du Service Hydrologie

The objectives of the flood forecasting network are :

The means :
The network is made of primary stations (one station on the dam and one climatological station) and of direction stations.
The headquarters are located in Rabat.
The flood forecasting network has 141 stations.
The equipment must be maintained in good conditions of functioning.
The equipment of the primary stations is automatic recorders on charts, secondary stations are equipped with staff gauges.

Operation of the network
The network works as follows :

The observations that are done at the primary and main stations are rainfall at rain gauges, reading at staff gauges, the classical climatological data and specific observations are made at the dams.

Data transmission
There is a hierarchy to respect in the transmission of data. An observer lives near the station and transmits the data. The decision of the passage from the routine regime to the prealert one or from the prealert to the alert regime or from alert to serious regime is taken by Rabat.

Maintenance of the equipment
The automatic water level recorders, the rain gauges and the radio transmission equipment are regularly maintained.

Carte du réseau d'annonce de crue