Presentation from Turkey - Mr SEZEN

General presentation of DSI

The aims of this governmental company are : The staff is made of 25,000 persons, the headquarter is located in Ankara, and it is divided in 25 regional directions.

There are in Turkey three governmental companies in charge of water resources :
1200 staff gauges 300 staff gauges ---
400 meteo stations 10 meteo stations 600 meteo stations
180 snow gauges some snow gauges  
260 quality measurement points some measurement points ---

The staff gauges of EIE are mainly located on the main channel whereas the ones of DSI are on the tributaries.
The meteorological stations of DSI record rain and evaporation, the ones of EIE are more research purpose stations and the ones of the DMI are synoptic and climatological stations.
The measurement of quality of water are mainly for irrigation purposes. On the 1,200 hydrometrical stations, some measure solid discharges.
The hydrographic network is divided in 26 catchments. Some of them have only one river.

Selected stations for Med-Hycos project are :

For Med-Hycos Turkey chose two stations one on Meriç River named Kirishane and the other one on Ceyhan river named Misis.
Mr Sezen then shows the use of some software he developed on his own, with the university and with EIE, for the process of hydrometrical data.