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MED-HYCOS Information System: Languages/Architecture



  • Oracle 8 Server for SUN SPARC Solaris 2.5
  • Apache Web Server 1.3 (UNIX)
  • Oratcl Version 2.4b3 April, 1996, Tom Poindexter and US WEST Advanced Technologies, Inc.
  • Tcl/Tk 8.0
  • Tcl/Tk Plugin 2a2
  • GD 1.2

Standalone modules


Med-Hycos Mapping application - standalone module

Windows 95/98/NT 
File size: 5 Mb 

written in Tcl/Tk; it gives you the possibilities for:

  • zooming, moving and selecting objects displayed on the map, 
  • layer control, displaying/hiding different layers,
  • online querying the Oracle Med-Hycos database,
  • offline querying the Access database on CD-ROM,
  • graphical and textual data representation 
  • textual representation of general information for the selected station.

For running this application you have to install it from your CD-ROM.

The manual is accessible by clicking "help" in the menu of the application running. More datails


Med-Hycos Data Manager & Data Retriever

Data managing and retrieving application written in Visual Basic with possibilities for:

  • Maintaining the structure of both Oracle and Access MED-HYCOS databases. As the structures of the databases are similar, user can interactively transfer the structure of Oracle database to an Access database. The user has also the possibility to add new variables with the corresponding aggregation levels to his Access database. 
  • Transfering information coming from DCPs (flat Access table) to the variable oriented Access and Oracle tables.
  • Exporting from both databases (local user database) and to remote PRC Oracle database, time series for a given period in several formats (ASCII file, Windows clipboard, graphic representation).
  • Editing, updating, adding and deleting particular records in both databases using a developed graphic interface.
  • Converting water levels to streamflow discharges using imported rating curves.
  • Importing any data received in ASCII format, like "near real time" data series.
  • Visualizing data series from both databases in graphic and tabular format. Visualization permits to find easily some errors not yet discovered at the previous steps of data acquisition. User has the possibility to compare two or more data series in the time, to make scatter representations of two series, to calculate and to visualize averaged (daily, monthly, yearly) or cumulated values of data series.
  • Automatic updating of PRC - Oracle database with newest data coming from the DCPs.

For running this application you have to install it from your CD-ROM.

User Manual More datails


Med-Hycos Climate Data Viewer

  • MedClim is an application for linear (time series) and spatial (interpolated monthly, averaged monthly and yearly values) representation of monthly temperature and rainfall data (GHCN) from more than 500 stations from the Mediterranean region.
  • Chronological rainfall and temperature series can be visualised from the MED-HYCOS Web Site.

For running this application you have to install it from your CD-ROM.

User Manual More datails

MED-HYCOS Information System Authors

Co-ordination :
  • Marc Morell (IRD - PRC)
  • UNIX System, ORACLE Server and Apache Server Administration :
  • Eram Artiniam (Bulgaria - PRC)
  • Dejan Lekic (Yugoslavia - PRC)
  • Minka Stoyanova (Bulgaria - PRC)
  • World Wide Web
  • Conception :
  • Marc Morell (IRD - PRC)
  • Realisation :
  • Vladan Kojanic (Yugoslavia)
  • HTML Documents :
  • Minka Stoyanova (Bulgaria - PRC)
  • Vladan Kojanic (Yugoslavia)
  • Marc Morell (IRD - PRC)
  • Pierre Marchand (IRD - PRC)
  • Agim Selenica (Albania - PRC)
  • Liliana Fugaciu (Romania)
  • Database Connectivity and Development (CGI Technology) :
  • Eram Artiniam (Bulgaria - PRC)
  • Dejan Lekic (Yugoslavia - PRC)
  • Cartographic tool :
  • Dejan Lekic (Yugoslavia - PRC)
  • Climatic representation tool :
  • Ildiko Pelczer (Romania - PRC)
  • Database
  • Logical and Physical Model :
  • Eram Artiniam (Bulgaria - PRC)
  • Ildiko Pelczer (Romania - PRC)
  • Data Import :
  • Ildiko Pelczer (Romania - PRC)
  • Pierre Marchand (IRD - PRC)
  • Standalone Modules :
  • Mapping Tool :
  • Dejan Lekic (Yugoslavia - PRC)
  • Data Management Tool :
  • Eram Artiniam (Bulgaria - PRC)
  • Climatic Data Viewer :
  • Ildiko Pelczer (Romania - PRC)
  • Special thanks to :
  • Jose Miklavcic (Slovenia)
  • Yonka Serkedjieva (Bulgaria)
  • Raluca Giurma (Romania)
  • Daniel Corcos (SERIAT - France)
  • François Chevenet (IRD)
  • Robert Gouyet (IRD)
  • Guillaume Lestum (IRD)
  • Nicolas Mirouze (IRD)
  • Jérome Colvez (IRD)
  • Cédric Meyrand (IRD)
  • Christine Chick (IRD)
  • Nathalie Rouché (IRD - PRC)