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MedMap software - developed by Med-Hycos project


MedMap is a mapping application produced by MED-HYCOS team based on Geographical Informational System (GIS) technology, with a possibility of accessing and browsing two types of the MED-HYCOS database, local Access database and/or Internet Oracle database. Database is represented through map interface of Mediterranean region with four layers available: Countries, Basins, Rivers and Stations. Raster layer, representing terrain elevation is available as well.

On the application startup user can choose between two types of databases. Raster layer preview is available for each map.

Application main window contains map, tree and button panels:

Map panel shows the map representation of selected database, with four selectable layers plus raster layer. Common GIS features are available: zooming, moving, switching layer visibility, switching layer activity and of course selecting.

For example, next image shows map zoomed on northern-central Mediterranean region with river Po selected:

The tree panel represents database structured in a hierarchical way. Basic branches of the tree represent four layers on the map and sets of sub-branches represent available geographical objects for each selected layer/branch.

Folder images representing branches are colored with same colors as objects on the map. In the Stations layer/branch three types of stations are available: DCP station, Other stations and No Data stations. Their visibility can be switched on and of through the Stations View button:

The tree representation of the database is structured in the way:

Geographical Object : Station : Variable : Aggregation Level

Different variable-aggregation combination can be preselected using variables and aggregations drop-down boxes on the button panel:

Selection on the map and on the tree are synchronized, selection on the map produces selection of the same object in the tree structure and vice-versa. The final result of selection process is the selection of Object-Station-Variable-Aggregation combination giving the possibility of displaying data in the form of graph and in the form of table. Two types of graph are available: yearly graph, representing time period of one year and monthly graph, for one month period. Superposition of several graphs (maximum 10) is available for both types of graphs. For an example superposition of streamflow discharge and water level for the same year on one station is presented on next image:

Table form of data representing gives also basic statistics for selected data. Data presented in the table can be copied or saved as a ASCII file.

Custom map creation is also available through menu "Custom Maps". Through the same menu editing functionality is available: deleting of selected object, deleting the set of objects in selected layer, adding new objects in selected layer, changing map basic parameters.

In the File menu user has some common possibilities for map, graph and table saving, printing and exporting. Printing is available on any Windows printer, map and graph can be exported as GIF or WMF files and table can be saved as ASCII tab separated file.