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This page gives you the opportunity to access the Med-Hycos database by using your browser

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COPYRIGHT : All data and information available belong to the national hydrological services. For any use, information (text, pictures, maps, tools, etc.) and hydrometeorological data, one must require the agreement of the concerned national hydrological service. Commercial use is strictly forbidden.

DISCLAIMER : In any case, the responsibility of the national hydrological services and of the MED-HYCOS Project will not be engaged.

In Browser Tools
Med-Hycos Database Statistics

Statistical information about variables, stations, countries; inventory of data available in a selected country; graphical representation of variables attached to countries/rivers/basins; report on DCPs state.

Med-Hycos Internet Explorer 5.0 mapping tool

Med-Hycos Database access through map interface, using new VML vector graphics standard. Data visualisation in the form of Table & Graph and data download. Internet Explorer 5.0 with VML support required!

Med-Hycos Animated Climate Data Viewer

Animated representation of the interpolated yearly and monthly temperature data (GHCN 1951-1990) and rainfall data (GHCN 1865-1990) in the Mediterranean basin. Requires Netscape 4.x or IE 4.x or higher.

Med-Hycos Database Inventory & Download

Representation of the current MED-HYCOS database inventory in tabular and graphycal form. Database inventory can be browsed by Object/Variable/Aggregation or viewed as a full inventory table. For data downloading user has to fill the registration form.

MED-HYCOS Mapping Application

Mapping Application, written in Tcl/Tk. Before you can use this application you should download Tcl/Tk plug-in. This plug-in can be used with Netscape 3.0 or higher and IE 3.0 or higher. Choose your platform from the list below:

If you need any further information about Tcl/TK plug-in you can visit Scriptics, developer of the plug-in.