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    Rivers and lakes of Albania, Albania September 2001

    ( Photo album )

    The Mediterranean Hydrological Cycle Observing system, MED-HYCOS Phase 2, 2002-2005, Project Proposal

    (Report No 17.)

    MED-HYCOS database statistics --- Statistical information about variables, stations, countries; inventory of data available in a selected country; graphical representation of variables attached to countries/rivers/basins; report on DCPs state.

    An article on climate changes was written by Marc Morell in January 2001.

    The Glossary of WMO/UNESCO is available on the site MED-HYCOS.

    A CD-ROM version 3.0 is ready. You can get it on a simple request to


    Present State and Perspectives

    State of the project MED-HYCOS

    31 Data Collecting Platforms are working in the 13 following countries : Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Italy, Jordan, FYR Macedonia, Malta, Morocco, Slovenia, Tunisia and Turkey. 9 more are expected in Algeria, Lebanon and Palestinian Authority.

    The MED-HYCOS Information System contains 3422 station-years of river discharges.

    December, 2000

    MED-HYCOS activities 1995-2001

    MED-HYCOS Present State and Perspectives 2001-2004



    Pilot Regional Center Activities Report (PRCAR)

    Initial Coordinating Group

    Regional Task Forces

    Specific meetings

  • Med-Hycos Balkan Countries Meeting, Belgrade 25-28 April 2001.
  •          Photo Album

    Technical reports

  • Development of processing tools ( French version July-August 2000 )
  • Hydrological caracterisation and geomorphology of the main Mediterranean catchments using digital elevation models ( French version June 2001 )

    Photo album

  • Rivers and lakes of Albania, Albania September 2001
  • Med-Hycos Balkan Countries Meeting, Yugoslavia, Belgrade 25-28 April 2001
  • Training Course, France, Montpellier 16-21 October 2000
  • ARAL-HYCOS meeting, Uzbekistan, Tashkent September 2000
  • Fifth Meeting, Tunisia, Tunis 5-10 June 2000
  • Fourth Meeting, France, Montpellier 1-6 December 1998
  • Third Meeting, Malta 10-14 November 1997
  • Second Meeting, Croatia, Metkovic 12-14 May 1997

    List of the documents on the MED-HYCOS site