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Report n°7
RTF2 and RTF4

Montpellier, June 30th to July 4th 1997
(Rapport en anglais)

Proposals for a provisional work program

The working plan of the first RTF 2 / RTF 4 meeting should include 4 main tasks :
Task A : Presentation of each National Data Base and Web Site (RTF 2/4)
Task B : Objectives of Regional Data Base (RDB) and Web Site (WS) (RTFs 2/4)
Task C : Establishment of a MED-HYCOS Regional Data Base (RTF 2)
Task D : Implementation of a MED-HYCOS Information Infrastructure (RTF 4)
and miscellaneous questions related to RDB and WS.
The schedule of the meeting will be proposed by PRC and discussed on June 30th , 1997.
At least, both RTF 2 and RTF 4 will work together on the first two tasks.
Task A : Presentation of the National Data Base and Web site
Presentation of each national management system for data bases and of hydrological existing web sites by the representatives of the countries attending the meeting.
Task B : Definition of the Regional Data Base and Web site Objectives
The participants will precise the objectives of the Regional Data Base, the Web site and all expected outputs.
    Partner countries
    International community
      hydrologists, scientists, deciders, public, etc.
    Information on the project progresses
    Data on assessment, management and uses of water resources in the area
  Expected outputs
    for partners countries
      tools, methods and know how exchanges
      data exchange
      advertisement and funds
    for international community
        on climatic trends
        on exceptional "special" phenomena
        on water uses
    for all of them
      Connection with other partners at a regional and international level.
Task C : Establishment of a MED-HYCOS Regional Data Base (RTF 2)
Type of Data
  Raw satellite data in real time from DCPs
    water levels, temperatures and rainfall (time step : 3 hours)
  Hydro-meteorological data validated by the countries
    from DCPs :
      discharges, temperatures, rainfall, and others (time step : day)
    from other data bases :
      daily discharges, other variables
  Spatial Data
    Digital terrain models, remote sensing spatial data, maps
    Geographical Information Systems
  Descriptive data
    Information on hydrometrical stations :
      localisation, description, measurement systems, historical information, etc.
    Information on catchments :
      Physical and environmental data,
      River basins development plans,
      Water uses,
      Socio-economical information, etc.
    Regional actors in water management :
      Institutions, Operational hydrologists, Universities and training institutes
    Hydrology Thesaurus,
    Normalisation and standards, etc.
Data base structure
  Data Base Management System : SGBDR Oracle
  Tcl/Tk interface
  Interface between DBMS and GIS (Arcview)
  Process, use and storage of satellite data
  Assessment of the available information
    Consultation of inventories,
    Elementary queries and statistics
    Visualisation through a cartographic data representation
    Qualitative and comparative analysis of available data
  Specific Data Treatment Tools
    Statistical analysis
    Modelling of water production and management
Maintenance and update procedures
  Satellite data
    importation through GTS, Internet, SRDM (Direct Meteosat Reception Station)
  Hydro-meteorological Data :
    conventional standards for the chronological and punctual data 
      Excel : one page for one variable type, others
    Internet, e-mail, etc.
  Spatial Data : Maps and GIS
  Descriptive data
  Data access : memory cards, encoding, etc.
Agreements between countries and PRC
  Data update
  Data Access
  Legal aspects
  Data policy
DBMS Implementation
  Planning of the implementation of software tools.
  Trainees hosting in PRC
Elaboration of CD-ROM
  Regional data base
  National data bases
Co-operation with other programs
  Data Exchanges
  Common and/or shared activities
Funds raising
  European Union
  Agencies supporting the development of new technologies related to DBMS
Task D : Implementation of a MED-HYCOS Information Infrastructure (RTF 4)
WEB Site
  Technology survey :
    WS architecture, data bases management system,
    Map and GIS tools, etc.
  Web site architecture :
    Project activities
      administrative and institutional information
    Data base and related tools access
    Bibliographic data bases, legal data bases, etc.
  Expected Products
    inventories / consultation / edition / extraction
    cartography et spatial data
    hydrological and statistical software, etc.
  Links :
    National hydrological sites
    Other HYCOS projects
    GRDC and FRIEND data bases
    Other scientific and operational networks
  Data File Formats, common tools with Web site and specific applications
  Targets : hydrological services ; scientists ; decision makers, key players in water management ; public ;
  Transfer of regional data from the Web Site to CD-ROMs
  Transfer of a national daily data base to a CD-ROM
  Transfer of tools from the Web Site to a CD-ROM
Newsletters edition
  Contribution of experts in the field of newsletter edition
  Concerned public
  Establishment of an editorial policy
  Type of information
Funds raising for the co-operation infrastructure
  European Union, etc.
  Agencies supporting the development of new technologies related to :
    Web site / Newsletters / Electronic link, etc.
Funds raising for the project as a whole
  New acquisition and processing technologies
  Equipment purchase
Technology transfer from PRC to countries
  Hardware purchase
  Acquisition of licence for software
Elaboration of a software for data management
  Comparison between the various software used by the countries.
  Standardisation of the procedures for the acquisition and the processing of data.
Co-operation with the ESIMEAU Project
  "Information technologies and water ressources"
    France, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Greece
Remote sensing contribution to Med-Hycos Project
  Co-operation with the Centre for Remote sensing in Montpellier.
Marc Morell
Montpellier, June 20th