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January 1999 - December 1999
Report n°13
Montpellier, May 2000


1.  Introduction 	
2. PRC activities
  2.1. IRD staff involvement
  2.2. Partner involvement
  2.3. Missions conducted by the PRC	
  2.4. Statement of Expenses for 1999
3. Objective 1 : Data Collecting Platforms Network
  3.1. DCPs shipped, operational and planned
  3.2. Results and future
4. Objective 2: Hydrological Information System
  4.1. Experts staff
  4.2. Internet Interface
  4.3. Client Tools
4.3.1. MED-DAT : Data Base Management Tools
4.3.2. MED-MAP : Cartographic application	
4.3.3. MED-CLIM : Climatic Data Cartographic Representation	
  4.4. Results and future
5. Objective 3 : Improvement of National Services
  5.1. Training
  5.2. Computer, peripheral devices and software
  5.3. Additional Sensors
6. Objective 4 : Creation of an co-operation infrastructure	
7. Conclusion
8. MED-HYCOS 1999 Expenses ordered by PRC


1. Introduction

This report concerns the main activities of the MED-HYCOS project during the year 1999 and during the period until May 2000.

As proposed by the ICG meeting in December 1998, the main activities of MED-HYCOS Project were focused on :

  • increasing the number of DCPs in the partner countries
  • continuation of the Information System Development with the help of experts-trainees from partner countries in order to participate in the Information System development at the PRC.
  • funds seeking activities.


2. PRC activities

The agreement signed between WMO and IRD (ORSTOM) was extended with an amendment until December 2000. That allows the continuation of the initiative phase of the project's activities in 2000.

2.1.IRD staff involvement

<>In 1999, two persons from IRD worked full time in the Pilot Regional Centre and three others worked part time for the MED-HYCOS Project :
  • one co-ordinator (100 %)
  • one administrator (100 %)
  • one computer engineer in charge of software development (25 %)
  • one electronics engineer in charge of the DCP network and related training (50%)
  • and one hydrologist technician in charge of data base administration (25%).

We note that the computer engineer is not working any more in the project since May 1999 and the hydrologist technician in charge of data base administration is not working since the beginning of 2000. Besides, a technician in charge of the cartographic MED-HYCOS data base is working full time on the project since March 2000.

Presently, three persons from IRD are working full time in the Pilot Regional Centre and one more is working part time for the MED-HYCOS Project :

  • one co-ordinator (100 %)
  • one administrator (100 %)
  • one technician in charge of the cartographic database (100%).
  • one electronics engineer in charge of the DCP network and related training (75%)

2.2. Partner involvement

As presented below, in 1999 five experts worked in PRC on the Web site and on the Information System (regional database and tools) development:

  • Minka Stoyanova from Bulgaria, from the 15th of January to the 15th of March, 1999.
  • Eram Artinian from Bulgaria from the 1st of February to the 15th of December
  • Vladan Kojanic from Yugoslavia from the 1st of March to the 15th of December
  • Dejan Lekic from Yugoslavia from the 1st of February to the 15th of December
  • Ildiko Pelczer from Romania from the 1st of July to the 31st of December.

Two other experts worked to supply the web site with data and water related information. They also contributed to promoting the project according to the proposals of the Initial Co-ordinating Group :

  • Liliana Fugaçiu from the National Hydrometeorological Institute of Romania working on the retrieval of hydrometeorological data in the Mediterranean area since the 3rd of May to the 27th of June,
  • Agim Selenica from the National Hydrometeorological Institute of Albania, working on the retrieval of hydrometeorological information since the 28th of July to the 31st of December.

In 1999 the involvement of the partner countries in PRC activities can be estimated in 44.5 men.months .

In 2000, five experts are working in PRC :

  • Agim Selenica from Albania, working on the analysis of hydrometeorological information and on an Albanian monograph.
  • Ildiko Pelczer from Romania.
  • Minka Stoyanova from Bulgaria, since the 1st April 2000.
  • Eram Artinian from Bulgaria since the 15th of April
  • Dejan Lekic from Yugoslavia since the 1st of February

2.3. Missions conducted by the PRC

Various missions were carried out by the Co-ordinator of PRC :

  • 14-18 February : Visit to the Hydrometeorological Institute of Bosnia-Herzegovina (Sarajevo - Mostar)
  • 22-24 March : Congress on Databases in Koblenz (Germany)
  • 25-26 March : Meeting in ISPRA (Joint Research Centre of the European Community) with the representatives of the Institute of Environment and of WMO
  • 4-5 May : Conference on database technologies (IRD Paris)
  • 1-3 June : Second Whycos Initial Advertising Group Meeting in Geneva (WMO)
  • 4-5 June : Congress on Droughts in Taormina (Italy) invited by Mrs Giuseppina Monacelli
  • 14-19 June : Organisation of a Training course in Beirut-Lebanon (ESIB, IRD)
  • 20 July : Meeting in the French Foreign Ministry (Paris) for presenting MED-HYCOS Project
  • 23 July meeting with representative of "Conseil Régional Languedoc Roussillon".
  • 1-3 September : Conference in Lauzanne - Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Land use and Water Management
  • 24 September - 9 October : PACIFIC-HYCOS Hydrological need of small islands in South Pacific
  • 18 December : MED-TAC meeting in Montpellier, presentation of MED-HYCOS as GWP/WMO Associated Programme

In 2000, the Co-ordinator of PRC attended these meetings :

  • 12 January : meeting in Montpellier with a delegation of ICARDA, presentation of MED-HYCOS Project
  • 16-19 March : GWP congress in The Hague, presentation of MED-HYCOS Project

2.4. Statement of Expenses for 1999

During 1999, IRD provided 40 000 FF and the French Ministry of Environment provided 35 000 FF in order to support the activities of PRC. The "Conseil Régional Languedoc-Rousillon" provided 50 000 FF to purchase a second server. The "Conseil Général of Hérault provided 100 000 FF to sustain the MED-HYCOS activities.

The following table presents the expenses in USD incurred in 1999 by the project and ordered by PRC.

MED-HYCOS expenses in US $ during 1999

Heading US $
RTF 1 11 000 + DCPs by WMO
RTF 2 92 800
RTF 3 33 800 + Computers by WMO
RTF 4 21 600
Total 177 200


3. Objective 1 : Data Collecting Platforms Network

3.1. DCPs shipped, operational and planned

The first lot of 20 DCPs was delivered to the PRC in August 1996. Eighteen DCPs have already been shipped to the countries and 2 are still available at the PRC. Out of these 18 DCPs received by the countries, 10 are currently in operation.

A second lot of five DCPs was delivered to the PRC in October 1998. A further lot of thirteen DCPs ordered in July 1998 was delivered in April 1999.

Because of the long delays in obtaining the Eumetsat admission forms filled by the countries and the numbers from Eumetsat Centre, the greater part of the last lot of DCPs was sent only in last October.

By now, 22 DCPs are in the field and 18 of them are operational (15th May). 5 Italian stations have been equipped with EUMETSAT DCPs for near real time satellite transmission. PRC receives data coming from these DCPs.

The following table presents the shipped, operational and planned DCPs and the sensors sets to be sent to the countries.

Shipped Operational and planned DCP - Sensor sets planned - May 2000

  DCP Shipped DCP Operational DCP Planned Meteo sets Quality sets
Albania 2 2      
Algeria 1 0 1    
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 1 0 1 1
Bulgaria 4 2 0 2 2
Croatia 2 2 0   1
Cyprus 3 3   2 1
Grece 0 0 1    
Israel 0   1    
Jordan 1 1      
Lebanon 2 0      
Macedonia 1 1      
Malta 2 2      
Morocco 2 0      
Palestinian 2 0 0    
Slovenia 3 1 0 1 1
Syria 0   1    
Tunisia 4 4 0   3
Turkie* 4+1 3 0 2 2
Total 35 22 4 8 11

*one more DCP destroyed by lightning

3.2. Results and future

Albania, Bulgaria, France, Romania and Slovenia are also providing to the Regional Data Base near real time data from about fifteen other hydrological stations.

Spain will provide to the PRC near real time daily discharges from about five stations.

Concerning the collection of data from DCPs, it should be noted that each participating country can directly access its data through the Internet on the EUMETSAT Internet Site (complete information is available on the Web site and on the CD-ROM version 2).

The National Hydrological Services having non operational DCPs are committed to ensure that these platforms will be installed as soon as possible, operated (including gauging) and maintained to the required standard. The operation and maintenance costs should be normally covered by the countries, although the project may provide support within the available funds (spare parts, support missions).

It should be noted that the target of "25 to 30 MED-HYCOS DCPs operational by May 1999" defined in December 1998 was not reached by May 2000.


4. Objective 2: Hydrological Information System

4.1. Experts staff

We have to note the very important involvement of the Hydrometeorological Institutes of Albania (1 expert), Bulgaria (2 experts), Romania (2 experts), and Yugoslavia (2 experts) even though this last country is not eligible in the project.

According to the agreement of the fourth meeting of the Initial Co-ordinating Group (ICG) in Montpellier (December 1998), the PRC accommodates several full time experts from partner countries to review and to manage the WEB Site and to develop various cartographic and data management and processing tools :

  • Minka Stoyanova from the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of Bulgaria, who worked on the Web Site from January 15th of to March 15th 1999, and since the 1st April 2000,
  • Vladan Kojanic from the National Hydrometeorological Institute of Yugoslavia, Web Master of the Web Site, from March 1st to December 15th 1999,
  • Dejan Lekic from the National Hydrometeorological Institute of Yugoslavia, implementing cartographic tools, from February 1st to December 15th , and the 1st of February 2000
  • Eram Artinian from the National Hydrometeorological Institute of Bulgaria, implementing management and processing tools, from February 1st to December 15th , and since the 15th of April 2000,
  • Liliana Fugaçiu from the National Hydrometeorological Institute of Romania working on the retrieval of hydrometeorological information (rainfall and temperature monthly data) in the Mediterranean area from May 3rd to June 27th 1999,
  • Ildiko Pelczer from the National Hydrometeorological Institute of Romania, working on the processing tools implementation from July 1st 1999 ,
  • - Agim Selenica from the National Hydrometeorological Institute of Albania, working on the retrieval of general water related information and on the assessment of water resources in Albania from July 28th 1999.

According to the ICG recommendations, the development of the MHIS has been oriented in two directions: Internet Interface and Client Tools.

4.2. Internet Interface

The MED-HYCOS Web site structure has been modified following the guidelines approved by the ICG in December 1998, especially to increase the interest of a larger number of MED-HYCOS project users.

Presently, it is possible one to access to a full inventory of the Regional Database available on the MED-HYCOS server through Internet and to download the data chosen by him.

A very high performance tool has been developed by Dejan Lekic (Yugoslavia) to access data through a cartographic interface, which   preserves the vector structure of the information (countries, basins, rivers, stations). This tool allows the   access of station locations, descriptions and data.

Before the end of 2000, other tools will be available on the Web site to access to a selective inventory of data and to easily download these data. Several other tools are being developed to supply through the Med-HYCOS web site cartographic representations of the catchments runoff.

4.3.Client Tools

Three types of hydrological data are currently available in the MED-HYCOS Information System :

  • Real time data from the MED-HYCOS DCPs (raw data and validated data).
  • Near real time data from other stations, volunteered by the countries.
  • Historical data from 4 to 5 stations in each country, including the stations where the DCPs have been installed.

4.3.1. MED-DAT : Data Base Management Tools

A very powerful tool named MED-DAT (MED-HYCOS Data Manager) has been developed by Eram Artinian (Bulgaria). This software working as a standalone module can be used by National Hydrological Services or by other users.

MED-DAT has several important functions:

  • for retrieving real time data of DCP from the EUMETSAT Web site,
  • for transferring these data to an ACCESS database at regional or national levels,
  • for editing, updating, adding and deleting particular records using a developed graphic interface ; graphic visualisation permits users to easily find some errors not yet discovered at the previous steps of data acquisition
  • for importing any data received in ASCII format, such as "near real time" data series.
  • for visualising data series from both databases in graphic and tabular format. This also gives the user the possibility to simultaneously compare two or more data series, to make scatter representations of two series, to calculate and to visualise averaged (daily, monthly, yearly) or cumulated values of data series.
  • for managing the ORACLE regional database on the MED-HYCOS server - operational only for the PRC.

MED-DAT is available on the MED-HYCOS CD-ROM version 2.0 published in December 1999.

4.3.2. MED-MAP : Cartographic application

In the same way, a standalone version of the Cartographic application is available : MedMap. This very powerful software can access data from the Regional database (Oracle on server), the local ACCESS database, or from local files (for example on CD-ROM or on hard disk).

4.3.3. MED-CLIM : Climatic Data Cartographic Representation

This tool developed by Ildiko Pelczer (Romania) gives to the user regional representation of climatic monthly or yearly data (absolute, relative or average data). This software is running as a standalone module. Gif animated images are available on the Web site.

4.4. Results and future

All the developed tools are available free of charge, on the MED-HYCOS CD-ROM version 2.0, 2000 copies of which were published in December 1999 (1000 in a new digipack, 1000 to update the CD-ROM V 1.0 already sent).

Before that, a beta version of the new CD-ROM was sent to all the countries in August 1999 asking them to update historical data and information (National services descriptions, information on the use of MED-HYCOS data, pictures of DCPs, etc.).

The PRC received a request from the Co-ordinator of ARIDE European Project (Assessment of the Regional Impact of Droughts in Europe) for permission to use the MED-HYCOS data according to a specific agreement. Until now, the following countries have accepted this proposal : Albania, Cyprus, France, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, and Yugoslavia. Different contacts have been established with other data users as Blue Plan and an Italian Environmental Agency (ENEA).

Since the MDM software has been operational in the PRC, the data from the DCPs are automatically updated every day.

During the next months, transformation of the water levels into discharges through rating curves will be implemented which will allow the collecting of real time data on flow rates in rivers equipped with DCPs.

MEDMAP and MDM tools are being adapted for processing national databases. First examples have been set up in Albania and in Yugoslavia.

As defined at the end of 1998, one of the main priorities is the increasing of Near Real Time (NRT) data collection in the RDB. All the participating countries are invited again to provide these additional data on a continuing basis.


5. Objective 3 : Improvement of National Services

5.1. Training

A training course "Digital Elevation Model" was organised from 14 to 19 June in Beirut by CREEN (Regional Water and Environment Centre - Lebanon), MED-HYCOS and IRD.

Participants from Bulgaria, Greece, Lebanon, Syria and Yugoslavia attended this training course given by a hydrologist researcher from IRD.

A training course was organised by Bernard Thebe, Hydrologist Engineer (IRD) in October-November 1999 : "New technologies in Surface Hydrology"". 5 people coming from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Jordan, and Yugoslavia attended this training session.

5.2. Computer, peripheral devices and software

A complete computer equipment set was sent to most of the eligible countries.

This equipment is composed of :

  • a computer (400 MHz, 4 GB hard disc, 64 MB RAM) with a 17 inch screen
  • a printer, a scanner, a modem, and a Iomega Zip writer/reader
  • software assortment: Pack Office, Map Info, Corel Draw

Some complete equipment sets available at the PRC will be sent to the countries which are not fully involved in the project as soon as they are active.

5.3. Additional Sensors

Additional sensors purchase was planed in December 1998. For different administrative delays, it is not yet done.


6. Objective 4 : Creation of an co-operation infrastructure

The following immediate objectives were defined by the last ICG meeting:

  • To develop information products such as processed data, training aids, technical papers, thematic hydrological analysis and software, reports.
  • To improve the quality and quantity of the information and data available on the MED-HYCOS Web site as well as the ease of their use .This will enhance the visibility and recognition of the project.
  • To start the implementation of the demonstration projects.
  • To strengthen operational collaboration links with other networks and institutions active in the field of hydrology and water resources in the Mediterranean Basin area.

The development of the information infrastructure has been carried out according to the following actions :

  • Development of the Web site (including linkage with the Regional Data Base) ;
  • Publication and distribution of the MED-HYCOS brochure.
  • Production of a new CD-ROM version 2 December 1999;
  • Establishment of contacts and co-operation with other projects in the Mediterranean region.

Updating the web site played a role in the organisation of the MED-HYCOS information infrastructure. On the web site, new institutional and technical information is available under the "Documents" item:

  • Data on water cycles, freshwater resources, pollution, etc.
  • Large floods in the Mediterranean
  • Absolute, relative and climatic rainfall distribution maps in the Mediterranean area (from GPCC)
  • Hydrometry Quality Charts : a Guide to Good Practices (a document from the French Ministry of Environment )
  • Hydrometeorological Data Acquisition, Transmission and Dissemination through the MED-HYCOS Project (Lauzanne, September 1999), etc.
  • Proposal of MED-HYCOS phase II 2001-2004 as WMO/GWP Associated Programme (Montpellier, December 1999).

A new MED-HYCOS brochure (French/English) was published (3000 copies) in June 1999. It will be disseminated to national MED-HYCOS focal points, research institutes, international organisations, etc. This brochure will be included in the new CD-ROM package.

Contacts were established in 1999 with Blue Plan (Sarajevo), European Joint Research Centre in ISPRA (Italy), ESIMEAU project, Regional Centre of Water and Environment (Lebanon), SADC HYCOS (WIAC meeting in Geneva), ARIDE Project, etc.

An effort will be made to establish a discussion forum for the MED-HYCOS partners on the Internet. The last ICG meeting recommended that the role of moderator of this forum should be held by the MED-HYCOS focal points on a rolling basis (6 months period).


7. Conclusion

During 1999 and the first 5 months of 2000, the MED-HYCOS project made some progress especially in the domain of the MED-HYCOS Information System.

A significant effort was made by the PRC team to develop the information system structure. This includes very efficient tools for the PRC to manage the regional database, and for the national hydrological services which will be able to process their own data and give access to the international community to data and information related to the project.

The promotion of MED-HYCOS Project was carried out through contacts with Blue Plan, Mediterranean Water Institute, Mediterranean Water Network, Global Water Partnership, Joint Research Centre of ISPRA, French Foreign Ministry, Languedoc-Roussillon Region representative, etc.

By means of the Web Site and of a new CD-ROM distributed in December, MED-HYCOS Project continues to offer to the international community concrete results and to ensure the promotion of the programme.

23 DCPs are currently operational in May 2000. Efforts must be made until the end of 2000 to install the 12 other DCP already send to the countries because at the end of the initial phase, the number of Operational DCPs installed by the partner countries, will be considered by WMO and donors as one of the main indicators of the MED-HYCOS Project's success.


8. MED-HYCOS 1999 Expenses ordered by PRC

ICG US$ = 6,70
Total budget   268 000,00
Total dépenses   2 837,74
Solde   265 162,26
Groupe de Coordination 1999    
    268 000,00
Missions et per diem    
Sous total    
Frais Divers    
GM restauration ICG 12/98 10/03/99 2 837,74
Sous total   2 837,74
Ratio dépenses   1%

RTF1 US$= 6,70
Total budget   564 346,00
Total dépenses   66 321,09
Solde   498 024,91
Reliquat 1998   296 346,00
Mission de soutien aux pays $20 000 134 000,00
mission et per diem    
Morell Toulouse 19/01/99 1 204,00
Morell Toulouse 05/02/99 1 103,04
Morell Toulouse 19/02/99 2 024,04
Lekic Toulouse 05/02/99 164,00
Marchand Toulouse 20/07/99 82,00
Lucaschi Amman 09/11/99 2 556,35
Total dépenses   7 133,43
Solde   126 866,57
Appui aux pays $20 000 134 000,00
CEIS TM SAV récepteur météo 04/02/99 1 481,00
radiospares composant divers materiel 21/07/99 732,86
ELTA 15/11/99 53 700,00
CEIS TM 19/10/99 3 273,80
Total dépenses   59 187,66
Solde   74 812,34
Ratio dépenses   12%

RTF2 US$ = 6,70
Total budget   584 016,00
Total dépenses   557 246,01
Solde   26 769,99
Reliquat 1998   383016,00
accueil stagiaires/experts $30 000 201000,00
Experts stagiaires    
ARTINIAN Eram fév-déc 120000,00
KOJANIC Vladan Mars-déc 90000,00
LEKIC Dejan fév-déc 120000,00
PELCZER Ildiko Juil-déc 63000,00
SELENICA Agim juil-dec 68000,00
STOYANOVA Minka janv-mars 20623,00
FUGACIU Liliana mai-juil 25358,94
  Sous total 506981,94
Lekic janv-juil   6300,67
Artinian janv-juil   4646,92
Kojanic Janv aout   7025,52
Pelczer juillet décembre   6310,78
Lekic mission belgrade   3054,09
Kojanic mission belgrade   3054,09
Lekic retour décembre   4877,00
Kojanic retour décembre   2465,00
Artinian aout décembre   8500,00
Selenica juillet septembre   4030,00
  Sous total 50264,07
Total dépenses   557246,01
Solde   26769,99
Ratio dépenses   95%

RTF3 US$ = 6,70
Total budget   438 467,33
Total dépenses   203 076,07
Solde   235 391,26
Reliquat 1998   304 467,33
Appui aux pays 1999 $20 000 134 000,00
ARTINIAN Formation DEMIURGE 19/06/99 10658,95
AVRAMAKI    "       " 19/06/99 8 624,00
CHICK           "    " 19/06/99 9 373,76
LEKIC      "      " 19/06/99 10563,95
MORELL      "      " 19/06/99 10458,95
DEPRAETERE      "      " 19/06/99 14 731,32
KOLANECI   Albanie    training session 11/10/99 14 012,15
SILJAK        Bosnie               " " 11/10/99 13 244,55
LOVOSEVIC   Croatie           "     " 11/10/99 5 275,10
JAMIL ZIOUD   Jordanie        "   " 11/10/99 16 145,75
KROUMOVA     Bulgarie        "    11/10/99 12 654,91
SPEGAR    Yougoslavie         " 11/10/99 12 146,45
Soderetour 18/11/99 28 334,20
Assurance 18/10/99 4 010,00
GM restauration 30/12/99 4 704,03
Morell Carcassonne 05/11/99 82,00
M2 transport aérien 28/09/99 6 226,00
M2 Lecteur Zip 24/06/99 21 830,00
Sous total   203 076,07
Solde   235 391,26
Ratio dépenses   46%



US$ = 6,70
Total budget   395 209,00
Total dépenses   127 108,22
Solde   268 100,78
Reliquat 1998   194 209,00
Accueil stagiaires/experts 1999 $20 000 134 000,00
MORELL Sarajevo 14/02/99 14 294,16
MORELL Milan 25/03/99 2 684,51
MORELL Koblenz 21/03/99 9 196,70
FRITSCH Milan 25/03/99 5 081,08
MORELL Milan ISPRA 17/05/99 7 066,08
MORELL taormina 30/05/99 16 434,38
MORELL Lausanne 31/08/99 5 385,89
MORELL Fidji 24/09/99 15 663,40
ODIER Fidji 24/09/99 14 403,30
SELENICA Lyon 12/12/99 1 294,00
Sous total   60 247,05
Publication CD-ROM et Brochures $10 000 67000,00
Livre Tec Sauramp 04/02/99 338,67
Traduction doc 25/03/99 15 000,00
SERIAT réalisation CD 18/05/99 16440,00
SERIAT   CD version 99 22/07/99 33882,50
Traduction doc 29/07/99 1200,00
Sous total   66 861,17
Total Dépenses   127 108,22
Solde   268 100,78
Ratio dépenses   32%