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The first immediate objective of the project is to collect hydrometeorological data. This involves implementing of a network of hydrometeorological real time or near real time data collecting platforms (DCPs) on the main rivers of the Mediterranean catchments.

The designation of the sites to be equipped with the MED-HYCOS Data Collecting Platforms (DCPs) is the responsibility of the countries according to their own interests. However, it is recommended the sites for MED-HYCOS DCPs to be chosen amongst the existing stations of national networks according to the stability of their gauging and the length of their observation series.

The Data Collecting Platforms Network of about fifty stations is composed of

  • Data Collecting Platforms (DCPs) installed in Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Malta, Slovenia, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Macedonia, and Palestinian Territories.
  • Furthermore, this network has been completed by a secondary network of Near Real Time Stations (NRT), established in Albania, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Romania.

The Regional Data Base is composed by the data collected in real time from DCPs, data coming from near real time sites and historical data (especially daily and monthly discharges) from other sites chosen by the countries' representatives. The Regional Data Base is managed by the Data Base Management System ORACLE interfaced with Internet. Thus, the MED-HYCOS Web site presents hydrological data on more than sixty stations; for about two thirds of them, data are updated every week.

See also: Hydrometeorological Data Acquisition, Transmission and Dissemination through the Med-Hycos Project (a pdf file)