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The Mediterranean Water Observatory MED-HYCOS

Annual Estimated Budget

The annual estimated budget of  MED-HYCOS Project is based on various evolutions of its present activities taking into account general demands from end-users  (research programmes, management planning, decisions makers, etc.) related to the monitoring of water resources in the Mediterranean.

  • The first scenario consists :
    • in keeping the network of Data collecting platforms (DCPN) at its present level (35 DCP at the beginning of 2000)
    • in improving the MED-HYCOS Information System (MHIS) with the real time data coming from the DCP's, near real time data coming from other sites, historical validated data,
    • in implementing new tools to enhance the related information,
    • in organising training courses notably on data processing,
    • in updating the Web site WEB and in publishing periodically a CD-ROM including a copy of the Web Site and MHIS, and
    • in driving a co-operation network between the National Hydrological Services favouring exchange of data and information.
  • The second scenario consists as well in intensify the DCPN by installing  every year 20 new DCP, 50 % of them will be equipped with water quality and/or meteorology sensors.
  • The fourth scenario consists as well in collecting and in disseminating data and information on water uses in the Mediterranean (Geographical Information System gathering data on resources, fittings, and uses).

Annual estimated Budget - in Euro

Scenario 1
Scenario 2
(first year3)
Scenario 4
(first year3)
Contribution IRD1
       Office, equipment
150 000
150 000
150 000
       Partners hosting2
110 000
154 000
 176 000
60 000
 80 000
 100 000
       Purchase / Installation

70 000

300 000
110 0003

300 000
110 0003
       Data Collecting4

50 000
50 000

50 000
50 000

50 000
100 000
Training courses
 100 000
125 000
150 000
440 000
869 000
986 000

1 :     contribution free of charge
2 :    22 000 E sponsorship per expert
3 :    2000 E per DCP, 35 DCP operating at the beginning and increasing 40 000 E per year
4 :    5 000 à 10 000 E per country involved in MHIS development.


The Pilot Regional Centre of MED-HYCOS is accommodated by the Center IRD of Montpellier which provides to the project personnel and facilities for data communication, processing and dissemination (office 100 m², workshop 30 m², server, connection 2 Mbauds, computers network, equipment, etc.) . Partners hosting allows to train them in the field of the new technologies concerning data acquisition, management, processing  and dissemination.  The funds allocation to the countries in MHIS activities comprises the computer and devices depreciation and the payment of the activities related to the process of national data in order to valorise them in a regional context.