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Data Collecting Platforms PM 46


Data Collecting Platforms PM 46: Hardware Description

Hydrometeorological data collecting platforms PM46 are manufactured according with specifications requested by MED-HYCOS project. Designed for remote monitoring, the platform is able to accommodate 17 sensors, in a range of temperatures from -20°C to +70°C.

General characteristics

  • Basic measurements of water level, rainfall, water temperature and air temperature
  • Storage of elaborated data on waterproof removable cartridge flash type EEPROM, without connection,
  • METEOSAT radio transmission (MED-HYCOS) and also possibility to use GOES/GMS, ARGOS, INMARSAT or modem.
  • self power supply,
  • Easy installation and maintenance,
  • Possible evolution on site : interfacing of new sensors, processing...,
  • Additional capacities for meteorology or water quality monitoring.

Designing of platform

  • Modular device allowing interfacing of any type of sensors,
  • Double housing unit : ventilated external box, watertight internal box including electronics,
  • External box made of polyester-glass fibre resisting to severe environmental conditions (humidity, salinity;, sandstorms...),
  • standard and evolutionary user's software,
  • Configuration of the platform and set up of the measurement channels with interface keyboard - LCD screen,
  • Verification and permanent display in-situ of housekeeping variables.

Data acquisition electronics

  • Simple and secured by using tested components (built on a micro-controler INTEL 80C186).
  • Self powered supply by solar panel with regulator on-board and a lead type battery.
  • Very low consumption obtained by using 3 volts Cmos components .

Data processing

  • Sampling interval programmable individually for each sensor from 1 minute to 60 minutes ,
  • Fixing of zero of scale possible for water level,
  • Pre-processing operations (minimal, maxima, means, filtering or anything else) programmable on interval times from 1, 6, 15, 30 minutes, 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours,
  • Data formatting for transmission,
  • Data recording on-site using a solid state removable card and depending on minimum threshold variation (or other criteria) programmable for each sensor.

Sensors inputs

  • 2 intelligent digital inputs for water level sensors ( SDI12, RS232/V28, CCI or TTL),
  • 4 counting inputs (2 for tipping bucket rain gauges, 2 else for frequency measures),
  • 12 analogue inputs (3 for wind, 9 for temperatures, hygrometry, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation and any sensors with low or high voltage output, current measure output or current loop),
  • 3 digital communications output/input: 1 for METEOSAT (V28), 1 for a modem (V28), 1 for test and maintenance,
  • Possibility (on request) of two code gray inputs

Data storage

  • Data recording on removable memory card : solid state waterproof module, contact less (induction link), capacity of 128 Koctets or 1 Megaoctet.

Data transmission

  • Data formatting depending on transmission system,
  • Possibility to use transmitters UHF88 ARGOS, BM18 METEOSAT or SATURN Cof ABB for INMARSAT C. METEOSAT transmitter self-synchronisation by GPS, allowing automatic synchronization of the DCP.
  • Bi-directional transmission possibility (remote control and maintenance) with INMARSAT-C,
  • Coupling for telephone modem or VHF radio.

Self powered supply

  • Nominal power supply : 12 V DC.
  • Solar panel 20 Watts / waterproof lead battery 12 Volts / 26 Ah.

More information on the manufacturer Web site, CEIS-TM.