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MED-HYCOS Institutional Framework

The Regional Co-operating Group is comprised of officially designated representatives of the participating countries, regional organizations concerned, funding agencies and donors, as well as the World Bank and WMO. The Group is responsible for defining strategies, making technical choices and implementing the project. The first meeting of RCG was in Montpellier in May, 1995. It proposed the creation of ICG to act on its side.

The Initial Co-ordinating Group is at present composed of 9 countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Italy, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, and Tunisia, and 5 organizations concerned (WMO, the World Bank, Friend-Amhy, Medias-France, IRD). It acts under the authority of the Regional Co-operation Group (RCG), helping the PRC in the conduct of the project.
Initial Coordinating Group

Initial Coordinating Group
Montpellier, 5-7 March 1996

The representatives of : WMO, World Bank, Friend-Amhy, Medias-France, IRD, Verseau, Bulgaria, France, Italia, Malta, Romania, Spain, Tunisia, Regional Pilot Centre and Israel as guest.

Meetings of the ICG and of regional Task Forces have been held at PRC (Montpellier) and in participating countries (Croatia and Malta).

During the scientific and technical meeting organized with the support of the District of Montpellier, from 17 to 19 of May 1995, with the representatives of more than twenty countries and international agencies, the Centre IRD (Institute of Research for Development) (ex. ORSTOM) of Montpellier, established on the scientific campus of Agropolis, proposed welcoming the Pilot Regional Centre (PRC). This centre is in charge of co-ordinating and leading the activities of the programme Med-Hycos.

The aims of PRC are to co-ordinate and administrate the implementation of the Project, organize the installation of the Data Collecting Platforms and the relative training of personnel, to define and set up the data base of the Project and develop tools for the appropriate use and maintenance of the collected data.

Since 1995 the equivalent of four persons are working full time for the MED-HYCOS Project in the Pilot Regional Center:

  • a co-ordinator;
  • an administrative;
  • a computer engineer in charge of software development;
  • an electronic engineer in charge of the set up of the DCPs network and related training (half-time);
  • a technician - hydrologist in charge of data base administration (half-time);

In 1999 the PRC is welcoming in Montpellier four experts from the participating countries in order to enlarge the tool library of the project, to develop further on the web site and to carry out different sub regional projects.

There are four Regional Task Forces consisting of experts in the corresponding fields

  • RTF1 - on Regional Network;
  • RTF2 - on Regional Data Base;
  • RTF3 - Support to National Hydrological Services;
  • RTF4 - Information Infrastructure.