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Automatic platform with data amovible storage in-situ.
Upgraded platform with respect to the initial to obtain Quality measurements.



1.1 Environmental specifications


  • Storage :
    • Temperature range for storage (without the battery) : -30 to + 70°C.
    • Humidity range for storage : 5 to 95% without any condensation.
    • The battery is a lead acid sealed battery which does not withstands very low and high temperatures without any deterioration. Maximum temperature admissible for the battery: 40°C.
  • Running conditions :
    • Operating temperature range : -20 to +70°C.
    • Protection degree of the cabinet : IP66. Although the sealed enclosure is weatherproof, ELTA recommends to protect it with a simple cover against direct solar radiation to avoid high and fast temperature elevation and rain.
    • Humidity range for operating : 5 to 95% without any condensation.
    • The solar panel must be cleaned regularly and be exposed to the sun with a minimum 15° elevation.

    The sensors have specific recommendations, see their documentation.

  • Connections :
    • Type BULGIN Bucaneer series.
    • Degree protection when the connections are protected with their caps : IP66.

1.2 Electrical specifications


  • Power supply :
    • Battery 12 VDC / 38 Ah included in the cabinet.
    • Solar regulation included on the PM36 board.
    • Solar panel input : 12 VDC - 5 A. Accepts up to 25 VDC with 100 mV noise.
    • Platform ON, battery connected, by plugging the solar panel connector.
    • Right functioning : from 11 to 15 VDC on the battery input.

  • Power requirements with 12 VDC : less than 15mA with S(all)=1 heure, P = 1 heure, with a storage once per hour.
  • PH36 Tilt board :
    • Processor : 16 bits MCS251 Intel family running at 3.6864 MHz with a low power consumption mode.
    • Battery input range : 6 VDC to 25 VDC protected against over voltage and against polarity inversion with limiting diodes.
    • Solar panel input : 12 VDC -5 A. Solar regulation integrated with automatic cut off when the voltage of the battery becomes superior to 14.4 Volts.
    • Power requirements with 12 VDC : less than 10 mA in Idle mode, less than 40 mA in active mode.
    • Memory Unit link : RS232 serial connection with hardware control. V28 levels. Power of the memory unit controlled ON/OFF. Current consumption less than 400 mA when activated.
    • 1 analog input for low voltage less than 100 mV,
    • 3 analog inputs for tension or loop measurement. For each : 16 bits resolution on a 2 Volts input range (or 4-20 mA. True accuracy of 14 bits.
    • 1 linear analog input for RTD PT100 type sensor, range -10 to +50°C. Resolution better than 0.1°C, 13 bits. Accuracy of 0.3°C all errors included : probe 1/3 class A, measurement error...


2.1 MODEL 6011-B Qualimetrics Rain gauge


Each tip equals to 0,1 mm of falled water.

Collecting area : 340 cm².

Can be equipped with heater.

Qualimetrics 6011B

2.2 MODEL FMX160-2m E&H Water level probe


Hydrostatic sensor with piezometric cell for water level measurement.

  • Inox 316Ti conception,
  • delivered with 30 meters of leading cable, connected to atmospheric pressure through a box,
  • with fastening,
  • measurement fixe range of 2 meters with accuracy better than 0,5%,
  • 2 wires connexion 4-20 mA.

Endress & Hauser FMX160


2.3 MODEL SA8065 B&C Water quality multiparameter probe


(The choice of the probe is not done for MEDHYCOS Project)

6 parameters among :

  • conductivity range 6/60 mS autorange or manual,
  • pH,
  • dissolved oxygen en % air, ou mmHg, ou ppm, ou mg/l, range 0-20mg/l,
  • redox voltage range -1100/+1100mV,
  • temperature PT1000 range -5/+55°C,
  • water level not compensed.

Data output on RS485.

B&C Electronics SA8065

2.4 MODEL TU7685/TU810 Turbidity


  • Input from preamplified probe TU810,
  • Selectable range 0/4, 0/40, 0/400, 0/4000 NTU, possible autoranging,
  • Easy calibration,
  • 0-20 or 4/20 mA main isolated output,
  • Alarms relays into the controler fordirty probe, no liquid, ambient light to high, min-max values,
  • 220 VAC power supply.


The warranty period is of 16 months as from the delivery date.

The warranty covers the cost of spare parts and workmanship for the repair or replacement of defective parts supplied by ELTA and returned to the factory in a suitable packing of the same class used for the delivery.