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Procurement of water quality and meteorological sensors to complement the equipment of MED-HYCOS DCPs

  • Within the framework of the implementation plan of the MED-HYCOS project for the years 1998-1999, the Initial Coordination Group (ICG) meeting in Montpellier (December 1998) stressed the interest for the MED-HYCOS project to develop its activities in the field of water quality (cf. Report of the meeting, para 3.2.6). The ICG recommended that within the available funds additional sensors shall be provided to the project.
  • It was also recommended that some DCPs be equally equipped with meteorological sensors to complete the set of environmental variables measured.
  • On the basis of the information provided by the countries participating in the project on their needs, the following two sets of sensors for the observation of environmental parameters have been identified:

Water quality set


  • Water T°
  • Turbidity
  • Conductivity
  • Dissolved O2
  • pH

Meteorological set


  • Wind speed and direction
  • Air T°
  • Relative humidity S
  • Solar radiation
  • Pressure

Technical specifications

Water Quality Set


•Water temperature

Temperature range -5°C - + 50°C ± 0.1°C

The sensor must be ice-resistant


Range 0 - 400 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit) ± 2%. The stability shall be better than 15% over a three months period.


Quotations shall be requested for sensors operating in two ranges: 0 - 1000 FS/cm ± 0.5 FS/cm and 0 - 10000 FS/cm ± 0.5 FS/cm

•Dissolved O2

Range: 0 - 40.00 mg/l ± 0.2 mg/l


Range 0 - 14 pH units ± 0.2 pH units (sensors operating in the range 4 -10 are however acceptable).


Membrane kit (for dissolved oxygen sensor)

Gel or Electrolyte

Cleaning Solutions

Buffer Solution

Meteorological Set


•Wind speed

Range: 0 - 60 m/s ± 0.5 m/s. The threshold speed value shall be better than 0.5 m/s

•Wind direction

Range: 0° - 360° ± 3°

•Air T°

Range: -40°C - + 60°C ± 0.1°C

•Relative humidity

Range 0% - 100% RH ±1%

•Solar radiation

Range. 0 - 1500 W/m-2

•Atmospheric pressure

Range. 600 - 1060 hPa ± 0.01 hPa


All sensors shall be provided with connection cables (2 or 10 m long)




The output of the sensor (water quality and meteorological) shall be:

Analogic: current 0-20 mA OR 4-20 mA or tension 0-100 mV or 0-1/5 V

or Digital: RS232, parallel 16 bits

Power Supply

Power Supply: 12 V